The Expert Team

The largest database of Ethiopian Israeli Experts

Dozens of professionals from all fields of economy and society
Dozens of years of experience and seniority
Dozens of exciting and inspiring life stories

Here you will find the best experts and speakers from the Ethiopian community in Israel: media people, economists and entrepreneurs, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, actors, musicians and artists,                               worthy of hearing their voice and opinion – in their fields of expertise as well as in matters concerning every citizen in Israel.

Yuvi Tashome-Katz

Yuvi Tashome-Katz Involved in informal education, a social and political activist. Born in

Maharata Baruch

Maharata Baruch Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo from the Meretz Party, in charge

Dr. Seffefe Aycheh

Dr. Seffefe Aycheh Epidemiology and preventative medicine; Health education; AIDS prevention. Immigrated to

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