Dr. Hadas Malada-Matzri

The first Ethiopian Israeli female doctor in the IDF. Treated children with AIDS at the “Mother Teresa Orphanage” in Ethiopia.

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated in Israel in Operated Solomon at the age of four. Her family settled in Beer Sheva, while Dr. Malada-Matzri, who excelled in her studies, was identified by the IDF’s Human Resource Department and placed in the IDF’s academic reserves program, where she majored in medicine.

She served as a Medical Officer with the rank of a Captain in the Israeli Air Force at the Hatzerim Base during 2011-2016 and continues to do her reserve duty.

Instructed medical students, was responsible for forming the timetable for an anatomy course (attended by 13 teachers) at the Medical School in Beer Sheva, and served as a clinical communications guide for students studying emergency medicine at Ben Gurion University’s Recanati School for Health Sciences. She taught anatomy to visiting American students and Israeli medical students at Ben Gurion University. Her work experience also includes serving as a research assistant and responsible for gathering information in the Plastic Surgery Department, as well as an assistant doctor at Soroka Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Ward. For a period of time she also worked at the Addis Ababa Hospital’s Children’s Ward in Ethiopia.

In 2009, Dr. Malada-Matzri was awarded the Outstanding Lecturer Award for the anatomy course. That same year, she was one of two Israelis who took part in an international course for pediatric emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Malada-Matzri currently specializes in family medicine and works in Clalit Health Service’s southern region. In addition to her work in the field of medicine, she dedicates time to volunteering in a variety of frameworks. She is a lecturer in the framework of the “Mimeni” program at schools with high percentages of Ethiopian Israeli students, as well as in the “Atidim” program. She also volunteers in Soroka Hopsital’s Children’s Ward playroom and previously volunteered at the “Mother Teresa” Orphanage with children in Ethiopia who have AIDS. Dr. Hadas Malada-Matzri is a member of a follow-up committee that was established following a decision by the government to promote the health of Ethiopian Israelis. She is also on the blood-donation committee on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

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