Dr. Seffefe Aycheh

Epidemiology and preventative medicine; Health education; AIDS prevention.

Immigrated to Israel in 1987 with a BM.A. in Public Health from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and an M.A. in Public Health from the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium. In Ethiopia, he worked as a Regional Director at the Ministry of Health and a health officer and regional team leader at a community clinic. He completed his studies at the Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Medicine and has a Ph.D. in epidemiology and preventative medicine. His doctoral dissertation dealt with comparing disease among Ethiopia Jews who immigrated to Israel at various times: diseases they brought with them and diseases they got in Israel. During his university studies, he took part in a variety of advanced study seminars in various additional fields related to public health and health services and published many articles in medical publications and journals.

Dr. Aycheh’s work experience includes giving tutorials and lectures to Ethiopian immigrants regarding health, cultural, and social adaptation, as well as operating a radio program in Amharic regarding public health that was geared towards the Ethiopian community and focused on AIDS control and preventing the virus from spreading.

For several years he worked as the director of a municipal absorption center in Netanya and took part in implementing a new approach of providing effective and holistic service. For almost a decade, he has served as the national professional director at “Tene Briut” – a non-profit organization that advances the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.

Dr. Aycheh took part in establishing various communal organizations that work to advance the absorption of Ethiopian immigrants and their integration into Israeli society. He also invests significant time in volunteering activities: he is a Board member at the Forum of Ethiopian Israeli Organizations and the FIDEL Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, and he previously served as a Board member at the Israeli Consumer Council, as well as Chairman of the Board of the Tene Briut Communal Project for Ethiopian Israelis for the prevention of, treatment of, and rehabilitation from diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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