Dudu Lijalem

Teacher and educator. Coordinator of the “Zinuk B’Aliya” program that works to expand the contribution of Ethiopian Israeli young adults through meaningful IDF/National Service.

Born in Ethiopia, he immigrated to Israel in 1984 at the age of eight on a difficult and arduous journey through Sudan. He has a B.Ed. in Physical Education from the Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheva and an M.A. in Managing and Developing Informal Educational Frameworks from Bar Ilan University.

Dudu completed an executives course at Talpiot College of Education’s Rural Education Department and received a certificate in leading groups in ODT activities from the Academic College at Wingate.

Has seniority and extensive experience in formal and informal education, including as a dormitory director at the Kedma Youth Village, coordinator of an age-group within the Israel Scouts youth movement’s Beer Sheva branch, and youth guide in various frameworks.

Dudu Lijalem is a lecturer on Ethiopian Israeli culture and educational values.

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Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew