Elias Mengistu

Entrepreneur and businessman with vast experience in his field and the field of business entrepreneurship as a whole

Elias is the CEO and owner of Cargo Man Ltd. – a company that has been involved in international trade over the past 10 years. The company’s services include providing logistics and delivery services, customs broking, importing and exporting, issuing certificates, locating suppliers, business consultations, and guiding new importers and exporters. The company mainly specializes in trade among African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, Senegal, and Ghana.

The field of trade on the African continent involves very attractive business opportunities. This said, business activity within these countries requires extra caution and guidance from experienced professionals who are proficient in the local “rules of the game” and know how to speak and understand the local cultural and business language. Cargo Man Ltd. provides services related to goods that arrive at all of Israel’s ports: Haifa, Ashdod, and Ben Gurion Airport.

Elias has acquired vast knowledge and experience in the field of international trade over the past decade. His experience and knowledge benefit the company and provide it with an expertise that is hard to find at other companies – especially for new importers and exporters, as well as companies, entrepreneurs, and business professionals taking their first steps in the field of international trade as a whole, and particularly regarding international trade with these countries.

Elias has a degree in economics and business administration, and also studied logistics, customs agencies, and international shipping.

In the framework of his job, he travels to African countries on a regular basis, as well as to various destinations in Europe and the United States.

Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew