Frequently Asked Questions

(For Potential Forum Members)

What is the purpose of the Forum of Experts?

One of the sources of Israeli society’s negative perceptions about Ethiopian Israelis is the Ethiopian Israeli community’s underrepresentation and negative representation within the Israeli media. Ethiopian Israelis suffer from offensive discourse and significant racism on social networks, while thousands of offensive and inciting statements against Ethiopian Israelis are documented across the internet.

The Forum of Experts includes dozens of professionals from all fields of Israel’s economy and Israeli society, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, and social activists – a wide range of people who can speak about any topic that interests the Israeli media.

What do I gain as an expert in the Forum?

  • Media exposure in your field of expertise to wide and diverse audiences that have not necessarily heard of you before. This type of exposure significantly contributes to one’s personal and professional branding.
  • Professional training in appearing in the media.

Furthermore, the very exposure of experts from the Ethiopian Israeli community to large audiences within Israeli society has the power to contribute to a change in society’s perceptions about Ethiopian Israelis, as well as create role models for members of the Ethiopian Israeli community.

What are the criteria for joining the Forum?

The Forum is intended for experienced professionals from the Ethiopian Israeli community who are experts in their fields and have a passion for influencing Israeli media.


  • Experience and proven track record in one’s field of expertise
  • Desire and willingness to appear in the media
  • Eloquence, fluency, and strong articulation skills

What are the requirements for Forum members?

Availability and prompt responses to media inquiries and requests.


Is there a fee to join the forum?

No. Participation is free.

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