Gidon Agaza

Expert in various areas of insurance – from life insurance to locating lost funds

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel at the age of 5 with his family. Sefi lived in Ashkelon throughout his childhood. He volunteered in the Israeli Air Force and, among other positions, served as a shooting guide for new IDF recruits. Two years after being discharged from the army, he began studying at Ashkelon Academic College (which is connected to Bar Ilan University) and has a B.A. in Economics and Criminology.

In 2007, Sefi became involved in the field of insurance while being employed by Clal Insurance Company, where he was on the policy issuing team, followed by serving as Head of Staff. Following his promotion, he decided to expand his knowledge within the insurance field and began studying retirement insurance through the Ministry of Finance’s Capital Markets Authority. Following the 3-year program and an internship with Dudi Tzur, he became a licensed insurance agent.

Sefi’s professional experience includes working as an account manager at a large insurance company, a certified coach in the pension industry, and another area of specialization in retirement and finance.

In 2017, he opened his own insurance agency with the goal of increasing knowledge and awareness within the Ethiopian Israeli community regarding their rights, insurance policies to protect them in the case of accidents or sicknesses, and receiving old-age pension with the best tax benefits. He provides consultations in many areas related to the field of insurance, such as life insurance, locating lost funds, manager’s insurance, health and long-term nursing care insurance, keren hishtalmut (a 6-year tax-free savings plan), provident funds, retirement funds, and savings plans.

Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew