Golan Jamber

Manager and spokesperson. Applies the management experience his acquired in the Israeli Air Force to civil life.

Golan did his IDF service in the Israeli Air Force as the Head of an Ordnance System Team at the Hatzor Air Force base.

He acquired spokesperson and presentation skills through professional courses and studying for a professional certificate. He completed the Israeli Center for Political Training’s political spokesperson course. He is currently majoring in political science and international relations at the Open University.

His work experience includes serving as the Head of an Ordnance System Team in the Israeli Air Force’s Fighter Squadron (during his service in the career army) and as a Professional Section Officer for the Ordnance Systems at the Air Force Headquarters in Tel Aviv. In this position, he worked with the security industries in Israel and the United States and was responsible for managing and planning the budget and establishing and implementing the maintenance policies of ordnance systems for fighter jets.

Since 2011, he has served as the operating coordinator at “Kshatot” – The Center for Young Adults and Human Resource Development in Ramle. In the framework of his role, he builds annual work plans and marketing systems for the various media, manages an annual budget of 2,000,000 NIS, works with various other departments within the organization, and is in charge of a team of 12 volunteers.

Golan Jamber dedicates a portion of his time to volunteering activities that aim to advance the social integration of Ethiopian Israelis. He is a Board Member Ethiopian Israeli Student Union and serves as the spokesperson of the Representatives of Ethiopian Jewish Community Organizations.

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