Kanubash Talala Tagaya

Mathem-atics teacher, chemist, and volunteer in the community.

Served in the Israeli Air Force as a chemical lab technician. After she was discharged she studied chemistry and biotechnology at Ariel University and gained knowledge and experience in various laboratories – microbiology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, polymers, and organic chemistry. During her studies, Kanubash had various teaching jobs – guiding chemical engineering and biotechnology students, giving private lessons in mathematics, and preparing high school students for the Bagrut matriculation exams. After graduating and earning a B.Sc. she worked as an analyst in a multidisciplinary laboratory in Jerusalem and at Plantax factory in Netanya where she served in a variety of laboratory and inventory management positions over the course of five years.

In 2017, she received her teaching certificate in the framework of the Chotem – Teach First Israel (TFI) Program through the Levinsky College of Education and Oranim Academic College. She is now a mathematics teacher at the Ben Yakir Youth Village, working with youth at risk (mainly new immigrants in 10th-12th grade) and preparing students for the Bagrut matriculation exam in mathematics (both the exam for new immigrants and the regular exam for native Israelis). In addition to working as a teacher, she volunteers by serving as a mentor for youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew