Kasa Getoo

Anthropologist, social activist, project manager at “Olim Beyahad” (a non-profit organization)

Kasa did her IDF service as a soldier and commander of an infantry squad in the Caracal Battalion and completed her service as an assistant deputy battalion commander.

She earned her B.A. in Political Science and Communications at Tel Aviv University’s School of Social Sciences (in the “Shaked” track – a track for excelling students at Tel Aviv University) and earned her M.A. in Gender Studies and Anthropology (in the track for outstanding students).

Kasa has rich and diverse work experience – beginning with directing a youth home in Rehovot, working as a mediator among Ethiopian Israeli families and welfare authorities, and serving as a research assistant at the Open University. She also held various positions at Tel Aviv University: program coordinator in the unit for science-oriented youth; editing and writing the Department of Communication’s online newspaper, “Mikledet”; managing the Tel Aviv’s Student Association’s supplementary classes unit within the Rector’s Officer’s Academic Foreign Relations Department; and managing the “Academic Leadership” Program at the university.

She currently serves as the Coordinator of the Networking and Graduates Programs at Olim Beyahad (a non-profit organization), while she is also a student teacher for two courses for youth at the university: “Introduction to Psychology” and “The History of the Myth in the Modern Era”.

Kasa took part in establishing the “Cholmim Yerushalyim” project and led a program for commemorating 4,000 Ethiopian Jews who died on their way to Israel. She is also a member of “Shachrit”, which is working to form a Political Reserves for Israeli society by 2048, as well as the “Kol Echad” organization and “Kolot” – an organization that works to create a moral society through creating meetings between senior Israeli leadership and Beit Midrash type learning. She represented Israel on various delegations and international conferences in Europe.

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