Lemlem Mesfen

Fashion designer who integrates Ethiopian tradition with contemporary design.

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel at the age of seven with her family, settling in the city of Safed.

Served in the IDF as a mashakit meida b’shlishut (an information non-commissioned officer in the human resources unit). Following her military service, she began studying fashion design at a private college in Tel Aviv, while her dream was to open her own studio. Upon her graduation, she worked at a bridal salon in Rehovot that made wedding dresses for customers in Israel and mainly abroad.

She began working as an independent designer, making wedding and evening dresses while striving to preserve the traditional Ethiopian design and embroidery and integrate them into contemporary clothing. At her fashion show, she presented bridal and evening dresses in which she integrated ethnic-traditional design style with clothes made out of modern fabric. She integrates embroidery that she orders from Ethiopia in some of the dresses she makes.

Lemlem Mesfen’s studio is located in Tel Aviv, while she designs and makes each and every garment herself.

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Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew