Shmuel Biru

Actor, script writer, and director; Recipient of the Israeli Film and Television Council Prize. Shmuel Biru – a graduate of the Yemin Orde Youth Village

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יוני פנטה

Yoni Fanta

Works in hi-tech, project manager, and manager. Has extensive experience in leading teams. Served in the IDF as a fighter and a sergeant and platoon

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גולן ג’מבר

Golan Jamber

Manager and spokesperson. Applies the management experience his acquired in the Israeli Air Force to civil life. Golan did his IDF service in the Israeli

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אושרה פרידמן

Oshra Friedman

Media figure, entrepreneur, and social activist; recipient of the New Israel Fund’s Yaffa London Yaari Prize (2014). Graduated Bar Ilan University with a B.A. in

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שי (אשטו) פרדו

Shai Ferdo

Actor and Director. Played dozens of roles in theater, film, and on television. Presents a personal segment on Channel 14’s Evening News (also called Channel

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