Oshra Friedman

Media figure, entrepreneur, and social activist; recipient of the New Israel Fund’s Yaffa London Yaari Prize (2014).

Graduated Bar Ilan University with a B.A. in Criminology and Human Services, followed by earning an M.A. from the Ruppin Academic Center in Immigration Studies and Social Integration. Oshra is studying for her Ph.D at Haifa University’s Department of Leadership and Policy in Education.

Immigrated to Israel at the age of seven in the framework of Operation Moses. She served in the IDF as a Teaching and Education Officer and completed her military service as a captain. She established the Ephraim Katzir Scholarship Fund within the Rashi Foundation and managed it for seven years. Afterwards, she developed and managed two unique programs at the Foundation: “Shalechet” – helping young drop outs return to academic studies – and “Maskila for Single Mothers” to enable them to obtain higher education. She was awarded with the New Israel Fund’s Yaffa London Yaari Prize in 2014 for her involvement in the “Maskila for Single Mothers” program

She joined the round table established by the Commissioner of the Israeli Police Force following the large protest of the Ethiopian Israeli community in May 2016. In June 2016, she began working as VP of Planning and Resource Development at Tebeka– Justice & Equality for Ethiopian Israelis (a non-profit organization) and in July 2017 she joined the Organization for Joint Israeli Leadership’s activities in order to assist the with resource development and connections with the philanthropic world. In addition to her work in the third sector, Oshra Friedman serves is a moderator on the “M’chutz La’bua” television program, which is broadcast on Channel 14 and deals with social issues in Israel.

Media Appearances:

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