Rabbi Reuven Wobshet

Rabbi and educator, serves as the Chief Rabbi of Ethiopian Jewry in Israel.

Born in the Gondar district in Ethiopia. Immigrated to Israel with his family at the age of two and settled in the city of Ramle. He went to a public religious school and during the afternoon hours studied at the “Eitz Chaim” Talmud Torah where he further enriched his Judaic studies. He completed his high school studies at Yeshivat Bnei Akiva Or Etzion in Mercaz Shapira, following which he studied at the Yamit Neve Dekalim Hesder Yeshiva, in the framework of which he enlisted in the IDF in 1989. He served as a soldier in the Golani Brigade, took part in an officers course in the framework of a military rabbinical course (which he completed with honors), and served as a military Rabbi.

After finishing his studies at the Yeshiva, he began to work as a teacher and dorm counselor at Yeshivat Bnei Akiva “Beit Yehuda” in Kfar Maimon, and as a substitute teacher at DAAT Elementary School at the religious Kibbutz of Sa’ad. After getting married, he began to get involved in social and spiritual action for Ethiopian immigrants. As a result of the concerns of many Ethiopian immigrants regarding eating meat slaughtered under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (since they were strict about eating meat slaughtered according to the tradition of the Beta Israel community), Rabbi Wobshet began to specialize in religious slaughtering and examining whether the slaughtered animal was kosher, while he was ordained as a ritual slaughterer in 1997. He served as the rabbi of the Religious Council in Sdot Negev, regional rabbi of Ethiopian Jewry in Netivot and its surrounding area, and Chairman of the Beit Din Tzedek of Ethiopian Jews (a non-profit organization). At the beginning of 2018, he began serving as the Chief Rabbi of Ethiopian Jewry.

Rabbi Wobshet publicized a series of books dealing with various religious and halachic (Jewish law) topics.

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