Shahar Alemu

Project Manager, Business Coach and Consultant

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel at the age of 8. Shahar attended “WIZO Hadasim” High School in Netanya and earned a full matriculation certificate. He served as a fighter in the IDF’s Maglan Unit and completed a commanders course with excellence. He continues to serve in the Maglan Unit within the IDF Reserves in positions that demand working under pressure, an ability to analyze data, and commanding over many forces.

Shahar has a B.A. in Business Administration with an academic concentration in financing from the Netanya Academic College. His employment experience includes working as a security guard at “Harel” Security Industry, followed by working in a number of positions at the Prime Minister’s Office, such as security guard, shift commander, and head of projects. After earning his B.A., he began working as an economist at the Prime Minister’s Office and was involved in examining the economic feasibility of projects, control/inspection processes, and working with suppliers.

Over the past few years, Shahar has been involved in the NPO “Aharai – Youth Leading Change”, where he served as a regional coordinator and was involved in preparing young adults to serve in significant positions in the IDF. Since 2015, Shahar has been utilizing his academic and professional background together with his sense of social responsibility through serving as the Manager of Finances and Operations at “Aharai”. His job includes creating budgets and preparing financial reports for partners, government offices, municipalities, and donors from Israel and abroad, as well as the ongoing management of the organization’s operations, training staff, and producing events attended by thousands of participants and staff members.

In addition to his job at “Aharai”, Shahar manages “MJ Zinuk La’asakim” – a company that provides consultations, guidance, entrepreneurship courses, and business coaching to private entrepreneurs and institutions in the business and public sectors.

Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew