Shai Ferdo

Actor and Director. Played dozens of roles in theater, film, and on television. Presents a personal segment on Channel 14’s Evening News (also called Channel 10).

Graduate of the “Nissan Nativ” Acting School and the School of Visual Theater. He played an impressive list of roles at a number of theaters, including: the Jerusalem Khan Theater, Beit Lessin Theater, Hama’abada Theater, and the National Youth Theater. He wrote and performed the lead role in the one man show “Gur Aryeh Yehuda” – an autobiographic story about an Ethiopia child who immigrated to Israel through Sudan. In addition to performing in theater, he was in various movies and television shows, while also presenting a personal segment in the framework of “Hamoadon” on Channel 14’s Evening News.

Shai Ferdo directs, writes, and lectures in Israel and abroad for public organizations and institutions and guides theater groups across the country. He is a member of the Academy of Performing Arts and a lecturer at “Gesher” Theater. He was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s Prize for Zionism Oriented Art in the field of theater (2016) and received a certificate of appreciation in the framework of the Yosi Harel Prize for his work in the field of immigration and absorption.


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