Tali Smani

Served in the IDF’s elite 8200 Unit, psychologist specializing in Culturally Fair Testing.

Served in the IDF’s elite 8200 Unit as a radio operator in the Intelligence Corps – a radio operator/listener in the English language. She has a B.A. in Psychology and Management and an M.A. in Pediatric Clinical Psychology – both from Tel Aviv University. In addition, she acquired training as a group leader and expanded her professional education through various seminars and courses, such as: cultural competence in enforcing the law through the Jerusalem Intercultural Center and the Israeli Police Force, and training gatekeepers to prevent suicides. She publicized various articles and presented projects at numerous professional conferences and seminars.

Her job experience includes: serving as a coordinator and research assistant in the Brookdale Institute’s Culturally Fair Testing (EMET) Program; specializing in pediatric clinical psychology in the Ness Ziona Mental Health Center’s children’s department and at the Shaked Psychology Institute; and establishing and managing the “Parent-Child” Center at the Chicago Community Center in Lod. Over the years, she also dealt with evaluating and treating foster children, adopted children, and children at emergency centers, while specializing in culturally fair testing – a topic of great importance in treating immigrants as a whole, and particularly Ethiopian Israelis.

In addition to her professional work, Tali Smani volunteers in a forum of young Ethiopian Israeli adults aiming to eradicate racism, treats foster children, and mentors children in the framework of the Save a Child’s Heart program for children traveling to Israel from abroad to undergo heart surgery.


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