Tehilla Yshyahu Adgeh

Movie and television actress. Put on a one-person show in Israel and abroad.

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel with her family at the age of eight, settling in Beer Sheva. Tehilla studied acting at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and began her acting career on stage and on screen.

Performs at the “Holgav” and “Nephesh” theaters. Took part in the play, “Yachid B’mino” (a joint production by Nephesh Theater and the National Youth Theater), which was awarded a prize at the Children’s Theater Festival in Haifa in 2005. She also took part in the play “Habayit Shel Metuko”, which won first place at the Acre Festival in 2009.

Wrote “Levada” – a monodrama about an immigrant who is a single mother. She performed it in the United States.

She is working on a one-person show called “Lo Nechmada L’kesher ritzini”.

Examples of some of the television series she was in include: “Meitim L’rega”, which was broadcasted on “HOT”; she played a main part in the series “Malach Shel Ima”, which was broadcasted on “YES”; and the drama series “K’shehalev Maleh”, which dealt with the daily life of Ethiopian Israelis.

Beginning in 2014, in addition to her work as an actress, she also began serving as a group facilitator, leading acting workshops for educational personnel, parents, children, and youth throughout the country. She also serves as a moderator at events and ceremonies.

Media Appearances:

Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew