Tirsit Legesse Bishaw

Criminologist, volunteer, Manager of the Youth and Young Adult Department at Olim Beyahad NPO.

Studied in the biology Bagrut matriculation track in high school and served in the Israeli Air Force’s Intelligence Corps. Attended Hebrew University, earning a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Criminology. Within her M.A. studies, Tirsit’s focus was on youth, and particularly immigrant youth, while she also worked at Ayalon Prison during her studies as part of a program to recruit and train department commanders. Following her university studies, she furthered her education through taking part in a group leading course at the Ministry of Education and an Executives Course at Olim Beyahad in cooperation with Ernst and Young.

During her university studies she worked in various small temporary jobs. Her work experience following graduation includes a series of jobs at the Ministry of Education. She worked at the “Minhal L’chinuch Hityashvuti” as a contact person among parents, students, and staff at youth villages for youth at risk, as well as an instructor of training coordinators and training teams at boarding schools for youth at risk.

During 2010-2014, she worked at the “Ariela Project” for the advancement of excellence among Ethiopian Israeli high school and university students – first as the coordinator of a group program and individual program, and then as educational manager. She currently serves as Manager of the Youth and Young Adults Department at Olim Beyahad, a non-profit organization.

In addition to her work, she has dedicated time to volunteering for many years: in the framework of the PERACH tutoring program during her university studies, at a shelter for battered women, at a day center for the elderly, and at ELEM – Youth in Distress (a non-profit organization).

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