Zamir Jegnaw

Economist and business consultant, project manager, and assistance for entrepreneurs in establishing entrepreneurships and business development

Born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel as a child. Zamir went to school in Israel and served in the IDF’s Givati Brigade, while serving as captain upon his discharge. He continues to actively serve in the IDF Reserves.

Zamir has a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Bar Ilan University. He also took part in additional study programs to learn more about various aspects within the business sector, while also specializing in finance and marketing. Zamir began his professional career at MATI Entrepreneurship Center in Netanya, where he served as a manager of a national entrepreneurship branch for Ethiopian Israelis. This involved operating a nationwide project to promote business entrepreneurship among Ethiopian immigrants and promoting regional and nationwide guidance services. In the framework of this position, Zamir also worked with business consultants and in close cooperation with public and municipal institutions, absorption centers, and JDC-TEVET’s Incubator for the development of social programs in the field of employment. He served in this position for about seven years.

His next job was serving as supervisor of a neighborhood rehabilitation project in six cities – a position with a large span of activities and authorities. Among other responsibilities, he formed the training programs for the various teams of staff and was involved throughout the implementation. He also assisted in forming nationwide and regional collaborations among teams from the Israeli Ministries of Immigrant Absorption, Education, Industry and Trade, Housing, and Welfare and Public Services.

Zamir has experience in giving lectures within entrepreneurship courses on the topics of establishing and managing businesses, as well as leading workshops on family economics.

He is currently the CEO of “MJ Zinuk La’asakim” – a company that provides consultations, guidance, entrepreneurship courses, and business coaching to private entrepreneurs and institutions in the business and public sectors. He is also a business consultant and lecturer on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. Furthermore, he manages “Maalot Tzafon” – a business center for immigrants and returning residents on behalf of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption’s Business Entrepreneurship Unit.

Language: English | Amharic | Hebrew