Zohar Zimro

Israel’s national champion marathon runner, represented Israel at the Olympic Games.

Zohar Zimro’s athletic career began during his military service as a combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade and as a combat fitness guide, while he received an award for being an outstanding athlete.

After graduating high school and completing his Bagrut matriculation exams, and prior to his army enlistment, Zohar took part in an athletics instructors course. Following his military service, he continued studying and took part in a course for athletic trainers, gym trainers, and referees.

His work experience includes working as a school fitness instructor, as well as working at a community center and the Kfar Saba Municipality’s Sports Department as a fitness trainer, athletics trainer, and sports trainer for three years.

In 2008, he coached Israel’s Olympic athletes team.

From 2010-2015, he was Israel’s national champion marathon runner and represented Israel in the Olympic Games.

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